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how crap are yahoo

darko123 asked 1 year ago
Their search results are a disgrace – total utter crap.

also lol i was searching for my site for a very competitive key word – my home page is on page 4…………. ok not brilliant – i expect page 1 but who doesnt. Anyways guess what i stumbled at pos 22 (page 3) another page from my site with not even the full keyword in the title, it was my “calender page” from my forum LOL

thank god for google…… i really belive they are light years ahead as far as quality serp results….. sure there not perfect but compared to yahoo, they are.

3 Answers
Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Yahoo has been crap for years. I don’t even bother with them their indexing techinques date back to the early 90’s.


misterDH answered 1 year ago
Does anyone even care about Yahoo results? I know I dont! :devil:

john867 answered 1 year ago
Yahoo may be crap, but I get traffic from them so I don’t really worry to much.