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Solutions to work with Google, not against it

JillO asked 3 years ago
With all of the Panda Updates Google has made throughout 2011, it can be incredibly frustrating to affiliates that are working tirelessly to pump out content and grow their sites when there’s so many updates & changes no guarantee on what will work and what won’t. And all though Google is the King of all search engines, they’re not perfect. Recently, Google’s rep Amit Singhal shared there is no true-blue way for Google to 100% recognize a shallow-content site.

It’s a double edged sword… but there are solutions for affiliates to work with Google, and not against it. Check them out here: Can Google Ever Be a Fair Search Engine?

For the affiliates that are following the content rules, any additional insight on what works and what doesn’t? Or, any frustrations with the spammers out there that still haven’t gotten caught?