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PR and SEs

cat asked 3 years ago
Do other search engines than Google have something like page rank?

Is it important for other search engines than google which sites are linking to a site when displaying search results?

4 Answers
mike76 answered 3 years ago
Yahoo has similar funktion, but it is not working very often.. but they do have it.

Classics answered 3 years ago
Every search engine uses a concept like pagerank. In the English speaking world, Google and Yahoo are the only search engines that really matter, and Ask Jeeves is the only other one of any size at all. All of these care about the number of links and the quality of links to a page.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

I’m surprised to see, or rather not see; MSN mentioned in your post Classics.

I’m no SEO’er so perhaps I’m unaware that MSN figures into the google / yahoo picture, but if not, and they stand alone, or separate; don’t they have some serious numbers too?

just curious.

Classics answered 3 years ago
MSN currently uses Yahoo results (though often with a slightly different algorithm).

MSN intends to open its own search engine. This could happen any day, or much more likely, next summer sometime. Not too much info available, but look here (now and in the future) for more: