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Optimising sitemap

bart3k asked 1 year ago

This is for the techies out there. Am just wondering about sitemaps. I have forums and have managed to get rid of the sid, but now when i auto-generate a sitemap then i am getting hundreds of pages off my site and half of them are irrrelevant.

Does anyone know which bits of the forums i should exclude? I mean I don’t want to exclude /forums/ alltogether, that would just be silly… but the /templates/ maybe? And if I were to exclude the templates then would it cause google problems?




2 Answers
BrandonB answered 1 year ago
what are you using to automate a sitemap?

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
If I needed this done for my site I use xml sitemap. I would go into my root directory pull up the sitemap.xml text file highlight the pages you want to delete then hit delete. It could be as simple as that. greek39