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https:? how does google crawl?

Simoneaton asked 1 year ago
Question for some savvy SEO guy.

Lets say for some wierd reason the homepage of my site is instead of How do I make sure google still crawls and lists this site in the search engine. Do I need to add a special META tag, and if so what is the META tag that needs to be added?

3 Answers
gaylem answered 1 year ago
Simon: I don’t know if this helps, but I always thought https:// pages were security pages used for encrypted payments or paid subscribers. Do u have some special security at that page?
I would imagine that it would still be indexed, but unusual for a home page to have that designation. Perhaps your hosting company can answer.

BobRains answered 1 year ago

Yes as long as you are not preventing crawling in some other way. Googlebot crawls at a slower rate or at least indexes slower than non secure page.

Here is a great example-

The CIA site is all https, and is fully indexed. It helps it’s built in Plone which is like crack CMS for Googlebot.

If it looks like you are having problems getting indexed, let me know and I can give you a couple of other tips.

Oh and have an Imperial for me down in CR.

Preferably at Tango India :hattip:

Simoneaton answered 1 year ago
WiIl grab a beer, although more like Newcastle Brown Ale than an Imperial as I am up in Newcastle, UK at the present time.

On the SEO note, I think I have solved the problem, but will let you know.

See you in Amsterdam!