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Google Spammer persists

Poker Dude asked 1 year ago
Please report this spammer to Google. He’s on a rampage. See “poker sites” and “best poker sites” (both without quotes) for details.

Google spam report page can be found at:

Deceptive cloaking, scraping, etc. All map to redirects to/from the domain SEOEXP.INFO:

Google has been responsive of late. The more complaints, the better !!

35 Answers
Greek39 answered 1 year ago
They only win if we let them. One of these has already been yanked from google in less than 24 hours. It ranked page 2 out of 127,000,000 pages.

I think I will have a close look at this person. greek39^*

Poker Dude answered 1 year ago

SEOEXP.INFO is from Moscow. He/she is the only one I am commenting

Poker Dude answered 1 year ago
I am convinced that this has become a lost cause. Crafty spammers will ALWAYS beat the search engines to the punch. This guy (SEOEXP.INFO) realeases sites in a dribble fashion over time, to always replenish those that have been eliminated. Even though he is a skunk, he is a crafty skunk, and I’m afraid to say, he will always win.

I don’t believe the Search Engines have enough negativity at stake here, to combat this, especially since there is Adsense revenue in the mix.

There is a reason for everything, and I cannot believe that the Search Engine designers could not have come up with automated checks and detection to prevent entry of this spam into their indices. Like I said, there is a reason for everything.

Maybe it’s time to go back to work and get a real job……

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Not only Russia, but a hole gang of them, some from Paris ect…