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Google Puzzle

chockee asked 1 year ago
Hi There,

Maybe somebody can help me with my something that is puzzling me with Google. (this is not related to the update!)

I have the option to get a domain and pay nothing more than the cost of the transfer.

So heres whats happening

If I use link: on Goog

I see it has a lot of backlinks (same if I used the backward links option on the toolbar)

It is a PR7 Site – If I check what the site was being used for previously using it has been used for a non-commercial use, so nothing bad or reason to be wary.

Now the part I dont get

if I go to google and type it comes up Sorry, no information is available for the URL – Now the site has not been live for a few months and my first thought was that its a banned site for some reason I cannot see.

But the owner is making £0 from transferring it to me, and if banned why would Goog keep its PR so high?

Maybe everything will be clearer when the Bourbon update settles but can anyone make any sense of this

My logic is for £10 and with so many links I may as well get it anyway but I am very puzzled

I just re-read my post and realised everything is always clearer when the Bourbon settles <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />



1 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
Google doesn’t “keep its PR” high. The PR formula is part of a computer program they run–their algorithm. No one at Google manually updates the PR unless there’s a penalty going on.

Also, the toolbar PR is only a snapshot of the site’s PR from the last time they updated the toolbar. The actual PR that’s factored into sites’ rankings is being updated behind the scenes on a regular basis.

It’s just a factor of how many sites are linking to the domain and how important those sites are.

Also, if you want to check backlinks, Yahoo will give you a better picture than Google. Google has deliberately broken their backlinks function in order to reduce the possibility of SEO manipulation.