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Google rewards Blog and Message Board Spam!

Professor asked 1 year ago
Google’s current algorythem is rewarding back links and PR to sites who are spamming Blogs and Message boards.

For a prime example use your Google Tool Bar and examine the back links at this site:

A few extremely talkative people here at CAP may have noticed they went from a small handful of back links to a bunch because of all the backlinks from their message board posts.

I cannot see how Google thinks they are on the right track by dropping thousands of legitimate links in favor of blog spammers and message board wind bags.

13 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
Oh by the way Google is crediting PR0 pages as backlinks if they are Blog or Message Board Pages!!!

They do this while NOT showing backlinks from PR4 – PR6 pages with similar content or themes!!!!

WTF do they put in the coffee in the Google programmers break room?

Randy answered 1 year ago
Google is not showing all backlinks on their link: search right now–just some of them. My guess is that the higher PR links are still valuable; Google is just making it harder to find the PR link partners from some of your competitor sites.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Yep that was one of the things I pointed out. They ARE showing garbage back links though. What’s the damned logic of that?

If they don’t credit links from sites that feature the same type of content or theme then what is the point of crediting back links at all?

I would think it would only make sense for “Slots” sites to want to direct their visitors to other quality “Slots” sites. And links of these type should be credited and valued.

What value is there if a site about “Cheese” links to a “Slots” site? Would a visitor searching for aged Cheddar really be interested in Five Reel Slots?

I cannot see the logic of Googles thinking here.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I still have 1,540 links to GAMESANDCASINO and they are a mix of postings on boards over the years and there are also a lot of real links in there – one way links at that.

I don’t blog.

This has been the case for a long time, years. It has never affected my PR in any way. In my case, this is nothing new.

Changes in my PR are always in step with changes I make to the site.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Ok to further illustrate what I am saying here is the first four back links google is crediting to that “Online Casinos” site I had listed above:

PR Fuel – A Service of eReleases: Comment on How Many Press …
PR Fuel – A Service of eReleases. Comments: How Many Press Releases Does It Take
To Get To The Center Of Bad News? Hello guys, i have to say this.. … – 101k – Cached – Similar pages

DSP Music Syndicate: Comment on
DSP Music Syndicate. Comments: Hi! Nice site! Please visit our site also . (Viagra) see you soon. Posted … – 101k – Cached – Similar pages

Nutzso News: Nutzso News. … – 101k – Cached – Similar pages

9mm Gazette: I must give Thanks!!
9mm Gazette. News and Reports from the Edges of Polite Society Occasional
Updates from the Free and Independant Republic of Montana. … – 101k – Cached – Similar pages

Uh… Maybe I am not as search engine savy as Googles engineers, but tell me what do sites about “Press Releases” , “DSP Music”, “Pschiatric News” and “9mm Hand Guns” have to do with ‘Online Casinos”?

Professor answered 1 year ago
Not talking about you Dom or honest webmasters I am referring to people who are specifically making posts and blogs all over the place to cheat the system.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
No offense taken – my posts have been all over the industry for years. I don’t post in unrelated fora.

What I wonder is why this has never affected my PR but is affecting theirs.

Must be more than just posting…

wufu110 answered 1 year ago
Sorry to butt in on this but it’s interesting because on google ONLY, I am linked to things that I’ve never even heard of. I’ve been around for a few years but have never posted anywhere that wasn’t gaming related. Is it possible that the owners are somehow back linking to me?

Edited to say:
Nevermind, they must have updated it finally. lol

Classics answered 1 year ago
Mid-july Google changed the what backlinks they show. The command is virtually useless now.

I don’t think the backlinks shown have anything to do with being “credited” though… in fact, I don’t think the backlinks shown have anything to do with anything. In general, a selection of a page’s worst links are shown, while very very few of its best links. Many pages with only several PR5+ backlinks end up showing none.

When I say “virtually useless” there are a tiny few bits of info there now… you can see some super low quality sites that link to you that you know you don’t want to link to in a million years; you can see other domains that rely heavily on message board and blog links. In general, if your links have gone up a lot since mid July, that is NOT good. It means your percentage of very low quality links greatly outweighs your decent links.

On the other hand, it looks like a results tweak last week favored sites with tons of message board links, so maybe the display of links does mean google is favoring volume of links right now over quality of links, but that sort of favoring one thing over another is always changing.

Anyway, looking at backlinks used to be a very valuable thing to do. It’s a complete waste now. Use Yahoo instead…

wufu110 answered 1 year ago
Wow, you’re right… is much more accurate. Thanks for the info <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />