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Future PR Tool

asked 3 years ago
Here’s a cute little PR look-up tool:–tool11.htm?

I can’t vouch for it at all, but it seems very accurate. The “Future PR” tool is interesting….

5 Answers
Classics answered 3 years ago
I wish it worked. I could use the PR9…

blackhawk answered 3 years ago
On the top of the page it says META tags are dead.

I don’t believe this to be true. Google used my META description for the gambling forum…

am I wrong? – I know it’s off topic a little.

Classics answered 3 years ago
Meta title is vital.
Meta description is important.
Meta keywords are somewhat important to Yahoo, but not at all to Google.

The content type and content language tags don’t help for seo but should be there. Other than that none are needed, except for site-specific reasons (like no cache).

blackhawk answered 3 years ago
I’d always heard Meta Title wasn’t important just the title…
is there a difference, do I need both?


Classics answered 3 years ago
Same thing.

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