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Sitemap Generator

CrapsRus asked 2 years ago
Anyone here of this or use this generator?
5 Answers
answered 2 years ago
I’m using the SoftPlus GSiteCrawler software (on that Google page) – a little complex at first but once you’ve done one, it works well and the sitemaps are great. Plus you can apply lots of filters and stuff. recommended. And it’s free <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

CrapsRus answered 2 years ago
Thanks Brian! I quess I will give it a try.

casinoreports answered 2 years ago
I tried the google sitemap generator but the python thing did very weird on my server.

I had to upload my entire site again.

I gonna that other free script too.

CrapsRus answered 2 years ago
I quess I will look into it a little more.

chockee answered 2 years ago
Different to what the G crawler does I have a sitemap generator which I will happily share.

What it lets you do is upload your KW list for a section or whole site depending if you have chosen to use folders or not.

Then upload your site template

Choose how you want the generated links to be saved .htm/.html/.shtml

If you upload a keyword for your page – Best Casino Payouts

You can choose how the KW looks in the HTML so choose between or best_casino_payouts or best-casino-payouts

in addition you can specific how the links is specified within your HTML
or /folder/KW
or just KW

For anyone with a couple of hundred pages per section, as we all know you want to break your sitemap up so you not have 2000 links on one page

So after you have selected what your sitemap is called for example casino sitemap you can specify how many links you want to appear on one page so if you want to have 75 links per page it will automatically sitemaps so that when there are 75 links on that page, the next 75 will go on casino-sitemap-1
the casino-sitemap-2 etc… etc……

You can specify 10, 100, 1000 whatever works best for you

Additional options are a check box to open links in a new window

I had this custom built as I also do aff stuff with search feeds so need to built tons of sitemaps

To give you an example of speed, it will generate 1000 sitemaps in around 4 seconds.

So what’s the catch? Well none actually – I am not well known on these forums and the prog is a Visual Basic exe so I did not want to post a link

If there is enough interest in respect to CAP which I read daily but don’t comment on maybe one of the more senior members/moderators if this sounds interesting, I can send a copy to – and they can virus scan and double check as many times as they like as I know its fine and then if happy will post a link

If I had a forum and someone posted a download to an .exe link I would delete it in about 2 seconds

Its just a genuine offer, as I get so much out of CAP.

I always thought there should be a section for Tools or Handy Resources as I see so many posts with people asking the same questions – where do I get templates? How do I this? Where can I find XZY

So its an open offer if anyone is interested but only if the Mods are happy and someone wants to verify thats is all safe and problem free