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Google PR Updated

Professor asked 2 years ago
Guys I noticed that Google has updated PR on all of my retail sites and is working through the gambling portals too.

Serps have also changed in the data centers I am viewing.


12 Answers
Focal answered 2 years ago
Has this been a 3 month long update or is this another update from the one earlier this year? Is it complete?


Professor answered 2 years ago
I think we are finally reaching the tail end of the “Big Daddy” update. These are definately new dvelopments though.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Matt Cutts mentioned on his blog that BigDaddy is pretty much complete, he figured it would be done by the end of April I think. He then mentioned that he would suggest to the PR team to update the PR again as I think many people were complaining about the last update. For us, the PR update hit a few pages of our site, but seemed to miss the rest of it, even pages we are getting links directly pointed at. Not really sure why, but I for one would definitely like to see more updates to PR.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
I looked at some terms yesterday and I was bouncing around within ten position parameters.

bewise answered 2 years ago
gone from pr0 to pr3 on a lot of my pages today, so very happy

answered 2 years ago
Yep, same with me too. Two of my REALLY new sites went from PR0 to PR3. A few of my other nongambling sites went from PR0 to PR1 today also. Suprisingly, my main site with all the huge content is has stayed at PR1 since a few weeks ago when it went from PR0 to PR1. :wavey: Big happy suprise for me today since i was just checking in with casino blasters and looking around for new things and seen their new PR feature and wanted to try it, even tho i was almost sure google was done doing its thing since my PR changed a few weeks ago, then i checked in here right away, i knew there was something going around lol.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Yeah, seeing a little bit of bouncing around, mostly up luckily, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with a PR update. The Google dance is more about BigDaddy or any other algorithm updates (and subsequent names) they are working on.

Astronaut answered 2 years ago
Wow, Fun Bingo Sites (six weeks old) just went from zero to four. I hope this means Google is giving a fighting chance to the newer sites..

ozim answered 2 years ago
I have seen lots of one month old sites jump from 0 to 4 or 5, despite having only a few backlinks. Meanwhile, old solid sites remain unchanged. Very strange indeed…

occ answered 2 years ago
My site is a few months old and is now a PR5! Woohoo! I’m even showing some backlinks on google. I hope the update is complete.