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Google PR Updated

Professor asked 1 year ago
Guys I noticed that Google has updated PR on all of my retail sites and is working through the gambling portals too.

Serps have also changed in the data centers I am viewing.


12 Answers
TOG answered 1 year ago
Hey all,

Last update was wierd, only new pages were effected, I’m very happy to saw that almost all of our site xx got PR5 (some sub pages got 4) and several new pages on TOG such as.

Odd that older pages were not effected, anybody know why ?

AK Slick answered 1 year ago
My site keeps bouncing from PR 4 to PR 2. It just started in October, so 4 seems a little high. My site is nothing but a poker forum and a pretty quiet one at that. It has been a PR2 since January. I have worked pretty hard at getting links though. My ranking still seems to suck. I think the PR 4 is probably a fluke.