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trying to understand PR

BJF asked 2 years ago
I asked this in the newbie forum, but maybe this is a more appropriate spot.

Say I have a site about Austrian Albino Hedgehogs, and I am the only person with such a site, so if you type that in a search engine I come up number 1. But I have very few inbound links and about 3 hits a year. Am I a PR1 or a PR 10? It seems to me it is much more important to be on that first page of search results than to have a high PR.

5 Answers
Bonusgeek answered 2 years ago
Pr has nothing to do with serps. Anyone can rank well for a search term that is never searched for.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
How high you rank in the search engines has nothing to do with PR.

PR is supposed to have to do with your importance and it is meaningless. You can find out what yours and everyone else’s is by downloading the google toolbar and going to your site.

I never pay any attention to PR, I am only interested in how the site ranks in the search engines.

4flush answered 2 years ago
I tend to think that PR is made more important by site owners than anything else.

I would much rather be high ranking in search engines than a high PR.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
Page rank has been discussed so often on CAP. There is plenty of information about the topic. But if you like I could write article on the the topic and post it hear.

The bottom line is Page rank has nothing to do with where your site is ranked or indexed also known as serps.

Page rank is basically a creditability, importance score and nothing more. Someone can rank number one for a specific keyword and yet have a PR0.


Gixxer answered 2 years ago
Matt Cutts recently answered a bunch of questions on his blog and one pertained to page rank. He basically said a higher PR will only get a site indexed deeper by the spiders and thats pretty much all it indicates. PR is pretty much determined on the quality of your backlinks (not quantity) and has nothing to do with traffic or serps. Just my .02.