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Few SEO Tips

Seomaster asked 3 years ago
Hi Friends,
I am postiing few general SEO tips. I hope these tips will surely help few memebrs here. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

# First submit to top directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

# Submit your website to all the free web directories. Use different Anchor Texts for submission so that the gained links looks natural.

# Do One way link building and reciprocal Link Building.

# Submit to article directories in the market. Please do it manually as it help your article to get syndicated to more article directories.

# Submit to search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos etc.

# Use the Google Webmaster My Site program, and add your site to it. Then create a sitemap and they will Index your site on Google Search engine.

# Buy paid links from high class websites.

# Become member in forums related to your theme and put your website link in signature.

# Write quality and unique content for your website also do make changes to your website content.

# Sign Guestbook and Netcards.

# Place some nice offers on your website and put some nice affiliate programs. It helps a lot.

Please add your tips to help the other forum members.

Good Luck
Seomaster <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

13 Answers
elgoog answered 3 years ago
for google:

– use the words in your title also in your body in (just one) H1 tag
– use these words at the end of your page in bold
– be sure all your links use the same structure, so eg. only use
and do not use it without www!!!

Seomaster answered 3 years ago
# Create and Submit Press Releases

Write press releases about your web site and submit them to press release distribution services.To find places to submit press releases for publication, visit Where can I submit my press release?

#Join a Reciprocal Link Program

Reciprocal linking programs exist to help webmasters share links with similar web sites.

Some of the reciprocal link programs are:

* Link Market
* Link Partners
* Links-Pal
* Linkateer
* Webmaster Link Exchange
* GoTop Link Exchange ($19.95 fee to join)
* LinkLeads
* Link Traders
* LinkExchangeIt
* SiteSell
* 123ExchangeLinks
* Ads4Links
* Spocka
* Links For You

If you have a blog, try blogLinker, the automatic link swapper for blogs.

These link networks can generate a lot of e-mail. You will probably want to create a new e-mail account just for these networks.

# Join or Create a Top Site List

Search for top site lists which are relevant to your web site.
Add yourself to the existing lists. If no relevant top site lists exist, create one.

# Buy Links

You can always buy links to your web site. It helps a lot if done properly.

Common freinds post few more tips…

answered 3 years ago
elgoog wrote:
– be sure all your links use the same structure, so eg. only use
and do not use it without www!!!

This doesn’t matter if you include a 301 redirect in your htaccess so non-www forwards to www <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Buying links isn’t always a winner as Google has (apparently) gotten quite good at detecting sites that sell links and opinion is they are devalued accordingly.

hoLkaPoLka27 answered 3 years ago
I am no SEO guru so thanks for the info, but the small visits I receive to my site(s) bring me players, I have about 75% of all visitors converting to real players.

Value. Adding value to your site. Having 400 reviews of internet casinos is NOT value. Instead having just a list of top 5 online casinos makes your reviews valuable.

Safety. Many that gets into the gambling kick search on SE, find your site (if lucky) but drop out cause they get afraid their bank account will be scammed, ripped off, by the casino company. So Safety is an important factor. Add eCOGRA casinos on your site and tell them about the organization and the safety they bring to internet casino players. Make your visitors feel safe!

Paid hosting & Domain. Who would trust & gamble their money to you and / or the casino with a free hosting url going like:

Articles. Add articles and newspaper links on people who have won on casinos. They will be so jealous that they will have to gamble!

Contact information. Adding this makes you accessible. It makes you seem more profesional as well. Now this doesnt happen often but I had an email on my inbox the other day by a girl who couldnt download the

Loan Money. Add a banner / logo of a company that is willing to loan your visitors money cause casino players are mostly gambling on feeling and if they dont have money they probably wont plan it the next day to gamble.

NEVER Use The Term “Gamble away your money” on your website. Thats just gonna make you do this -> :shots:

elgoog answered 3 years ago
true Simmo,

but these tips are for starters isn’t it?

@HokaPolka, thx for info, i can use it!

villa10 answered 3 years ago
I think SEO is dead.

IMO it is a matter of aging, quality links, and megasites doing better than the small ones.

elgoog answered 3 years ago
soooo, get links from those

Dominique answered 3 years ago
villa10 wrote:
I think SEO is dead.

IMO it is a matter of aging, quality links, and megasites doing better than the small ones.

Yes, age matters, and any fast tricks are going to result in fluctuating results if not worse.

Google likes to see honest sites moving up the ladder by merit of providing quality content that is perfectly relevant to the search and unique. Just providing a review isn’t good enough anymore, make it personal, make it different. Copying what thousands of sites have already will get you nowhere. Be creative.

Build your site slowly, page by page, make sure each page has it’s own keyword, don’t stuff, make sure internal links are perfect, use sitemap, and link to quality sites only. Check your links all the time, make sure the sites you link to are reputable and follow same course.

Megasites – no. Grow too fast and it’s no good. If you want continued growth and stability, build slowly. It’s the quality of each page, not the size of the site.

If by “there is no SEO” you mean that there are no shortcuts that will pop you from unknown to top ten – you’re almost right. You can do it but it is temporary and in the long run it hurts your site and it will never be stable.

If you are serious about building business and building a player base, you need to care for your visitors. Thats who matters. If you do that, they will be loyal to you and the search engines will fall into place, given you stick with the above.

The days of bannerfarms are almost over.

Goldfinger answered 3 years ago
good keyword domains like :hehe:

have page titles like keyword1-keyword2.htm rather than ?crappyparameter=1+2-r*WTF!

get rid of broken links (404s) Google doesn´t like them. Don´t cloak. Write intelligent content. Get good, high PR, incoming keyword links.

Be in relevant industry related directories in addition to the top dogs.

SEOMASTER, I would disagree and urge anyone to avaid link exchange programs or networks like the plage. That can only hurt your site.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
villa10 wrote:
I think SEO is dead.

IMO it is a matter of aging, quality links, and megasites doing better than the small ones.

A bit contradictory, so guessing you meant something along the lines of what Dominque said. Aging and gaining quality links are definitely part of SEO. Defnitely no shortcuts though.

In response to the initial post, mostly good advice. You don’t need to submit your site(s) to Google, Yahoo, MSN directly as links or a Google Sitemap will get you into their indexes and generally faster