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Zynga and Facebook Strike Real Money Gaming Deal

When real-money gaming comes to Facebook, Zynga will be in on the action. That’s the upshot of a new agreement that’s changing the long standing relationship between these two social media giants in a major way.

Under the new terms of the deal, which emerged in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing yesterday, Zynga will be obligated to develop real money games in certain markets. Here’s how the companies describe the arrangement:

If Facebook allows real money gambling games on the Facebook web site in countries where Zynga has real money gambling games, Zynga will subsequently launch such games on the Facebook web site, if certain conditions are met by Facebook.

This turn of events could have some interesting ramifications if Facebook ever offers real money gambling apps in the American marketplace. It could also be good news for, which is working with the company on real money gaming apps in the UK market. (In the US, bwin has partnered with MGM on their online poker offering.)

Affiliates should note that the real-money gambling agreement was just a small part of the re-worked Zynga/Facebook deal. Under the new arrangement, Zynga will have more room to operate outside the Facebook eco-system including the ability to explore other payment, advertising and promotional operations.

In short, social media’s most popular couple have moved from boyfriend/girlfriend to friends with benefits.

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