Wynn Resorts propose Las Vegas re-opening plan

Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox has an ambitious plan for getting his company’s Las Vegas casinos back in business by the middle of May. Maddox’s post-COVID-19 lockdown Wynn will look a lot different from any casino Vegas has ever seen and may present a few challenges for the security-minded business. And even his most timid vision will rely on the approval of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

So what would a Wynn re-opening look like? For starters, every guest who steps through the door would be subject to a thermal imaging screen to determine if they’ve got a fever. Anyone who clocks 100 degrees or higher would be asked to step aside for a more thorough temperature reading.

One inside the casino, guests would be greeted by mask-wearing employees and would be wearing face masks themselves. (Presumably everyone who enters will be subject to some sort of facial recognition scan before they put on their masks to prevent banned customers and known casino cheats from entering the building.)

The masked gamblers would then be subject to various forms of social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. This would mean slot players would not be allowed to sit next to each other and card players would have to have at least one empty seat between them. How social distancing works at the craps table or the roulette wheel is not yet know.

While the Wynn’s plan seem extreme on its face, the losses from the closure are more extreme. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Wynn is set to lose around $180 million if the closure lasts until May 15. It should also be noted that Wynn Resorts is keeping its employees paid during lockdown and has even calculated tips into the lockdown checks.

Of course all the Wynn’s plans are subject to the approval of Governor Sisolak. While there’s no doubt he wants to see Vegas re-opened, he may have a different timeline than Maddox. Expect to see more about the Wynn re-opening in days to come.