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Writing for people is a key component of content marketing

What is the most important component of an effective content marketing plan? Is it painstaking attention to nuances of the H1 tag? Does it involve a commitment to using your keyword a certain number of times in each paragraph? The short answer here is, no.

Effective content marketing marketing strategies are built around quality content that’s designed to provide value to human readers, not clues to automated search bots. And as Google’s ubiquitous search bots become more sophisticated, that rule holds truer than it ever has.

In a recent article on SEO Journal titled, Should We Write Content for People or Search Engines?, author Sam Hollingsworth points out that while quality isn’t necessarily a factor in ranking, it does make a big difference. That’s because end-users want quality content, not something that’s designed to build rank without offering anything of value in return.

Hollingsworth goes on to point out some factors that writers should consider when crafting their content that will make it appealing to both human and artificial readers.

For starters, writers should always consider the purpose of the page they’re writing for when crafting content. The best-written piece on the joys of horse ownership will pack a lot less heft if it’s posted on a page that normally focuses on online slots play. This plays into the idea that Google places great value on authenticity and authority.

An established site that’s been offering up relevant content for an extended period of time can definitely boost high quality content, but it’s still not a safe refuge for low-quality link bait.

At the end of the day, content marketers need to consider the end-user, the reader. If your content serves the reader and truly provides value, everything else will work itself out.