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Why Affiliates Should Market Mobile Online Poker Rooms

People now depend on their cell phones for activities not related to phone calls—and this includes mobile gaming. Amid the onslaught of mobile games available, poker rooms are one of the fastest growing verticals because of their ease of use.

If a player has already made a deposit from a computer, they can play with those funds or deposit cash via a cell. If a call rings in, a player can leave a poker room and get right back to where they left off. Also, if a cell battery dies, a player can go back to the same game once it’s charged. And personal pin codes ensure the security of mobile poker functionality.

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Mobile poker rooms will soon be the norm and it’s important to corner this market if you want your business to grow in 2012, let alone survive. Here we have rounded up 5 mobile poker sites you should become associated with asap.

Fortune Affiliates

Fortune Affiliates has eight online casino brands and two mobile casino brands. In addition to poker, Royal Vegas, Platinum Play, 7sultans and the International Slots League are now available in Italian, German, Spanish, French and Greek platforms on their mobile site.


Bet365 allows players to download mobile poker software to a cell and access poker games from anywhere. As a bonus, players don’t need to be on the newest smartphone or tablet—as long as they have Internet access, many older cell phone models can handle the software just fine.

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Intertops has expanded its mobile gaming with the launch of poker rooms using Spin3’s GameWire system. Intertops also provides players with the convenience of managing their entire gaming portfolio through one central account—all mobile accessible.



32Red’s mobile version of 3 Card Poker is just like the game found in any casino around the world. Players have the normal betting option of Play and Ante or the Pair Plus. Play them together or individually, it’s up to the bettor.


EGO Affiliates-RedKings

RedKings’ state of the art mobile poker software works best with 3G networks or higher due to its sophisticated platform. Players can use the Quick Seat feature or Join Table Guarantee so they can always find an available game.

Are you associated with these mobile poker sites or others? Do you have any interest in promoting mobile sites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.