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What Does an Affiliate Manager Do for Casino Affiliates?

Small business owners need all the help they can get when launching their businesses and in the world of casino affiliate marketing, the affiliate manager is one of the most helpful folks you’ll meet. Affiliate managers are the bridge between online casinos, and the affiliates who are bringing them customers.

But what do affiliate managers actually do? The answer to that question depends greatly on which casino affiliate program you’ve chosen. That’s why researching affiliate programs in advance, by using resources like, is especially important for would-be casino affiliates.

At most top casino affiliate programs, affiliate managers work one-on-one with affiliates to help them navigate the company’s program. They can do everything from tracking payments to providing pre-made marketing materials for publication. Some affiliates wind up having frequent contact with their affiliate managers, while others barely need them for anything.

While affiliate managers don’t create content for casino affiliates, they are a conduit for marketing and promotional materials. Some affiliate managers can even help tailor custom promotions for affiliates.

At the very least, you’ll want to find a casino affiliate program whose managers have good reputations and are responsive to their affiliate partners (and most of them are). After all, affiliate managers are the face of the casino, and likely the only person at the casino that most affiliates will ever have contact with. But when a payment is delayed, or there’s a technical issue to be resolved, the casino affiliate manager is one of the best friends an affiliate can have.