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Well that escalated quickly: DraftKings offers consumer gift cards

DraftKings has quickly emerged as one of the leading players in the rapidly expanding world of regulated US sports betting.

Along the way, they’ve trashed a lot of the taboos that had long been held out by anti-sports betting advocates as arguments against regulated sports betting. For example, DraftKings has blazed a trail of marketing partnerships with professional sports teams that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Did anyone really think an NFL team would have an “official sports betting partner? Well, a lot of them do in 2020 and a lot of those are partnered with DraftKings.

So it is that Americans have come to embrace regulated sports betting. But will regulated sports betting be a player in Christmas 2020? If the marketing folks at DraftKings have any say in the matter, it will. That’s why they’ve entered a strategic partnership with InComm Payments to launch a line of DraftKings gift cards that will be in stores just in time for Christmas.

The cards will be available just about anywhere you’d buy gift cards today including convenience stores like 7-11.

“This agreement not only offers consumers a great gifting opportunity but also represents a significant brand expansion and enhancement opportunity for DraftKings who, for the first time, will benefit from having its brand present in tens of thousands of InComm Payments’ retail partner locations across the U.S,” DraftKings co-founder and CEO, Matt Kalish said in a recent press release.

The bigger question now is how socially acceptable will it be to give, or receive, a DraftKings gift card this holiday season?