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Affiliate Options in a Regulated US Market

Affiliates waiting to operate in a regulated U.S. market might feel like they’re in a certain state of purgatory right now. While waiting for online gaming regulation in the U.S., affiliates are wise to be cautious about relationships with current U.S.-facing operators. But what options does that leave?

Here we’ll explain some of the things affiliates can do now to give themselves the most choices and best chances for success in the future.

Promote Legal Forms of iGaming

There are legal forms of iGaming in the U.S.? Yes, actually, there are! Here are two forms of online gaming affiliates can get busy promoting today to begin learning what it takes to succeed in the U.S. market.

Horse Betting

Placing bets on horse racing online is legal in several U.S. states. TwinSpires is one great iGaming program that can be promoted to players from a majority of U.S. states today enabling them to place bets on thoroughbred races from around the world. TwinSpires is also the official wagering partner of the Kentucky Derby. Their affiliate program features one of the most advanced tracking systems in the industry. Life is good when you’re working with regulated operators!

Daily Fantasy Sports

You heard it here first: daily fantasy sports will eventually be a major source of income for iGaming affiliates in the U.S. Operators are just now beginning to gain traction in U.S. market resulting from an exemption in the UIGEA which allowed bets placed on fantasy sports contests to remain legal.

Most Americans who enjoy fantasy sports have not yet been made aware of daily fantasy contests where they can draft a line-up that lasts for a single day. Poker entrepreneurs Taylor Caby and Andrew Wiggins, who founded the popular training site CardRunners, are betting that daily fantasy sports will be the next big thing in the U.S. and are putting their weight behind their new product DraftDay. Several other daily fantasy sports operators are enlisting the help of affiliates to find new players.

Geo-Targeting Traffic

While waiting for online gaming regulation to reach the U.S., why not geo-target your traffic on a state-by-state basis? Since iGaming regulation appears it will take place at the state-level, affiliates need to be able to display ads targeted to residents based on their state of residence.

Figuring out how to geo-target web traffic today could pay big dividends in the future by allowing your ads to be relevant for all readers.

Prepare for Regulation

CAP has a considerable number of resources for helping affiliates prepare for the regulated U.S. market. Enter your email address and gain access to CAP’s fantastic preparing for U.S. gaming regulation webinar hosted by Professor I. Nelson Rose and Warren Jolly.

Fine Tune Marketing Strategies

The wait for regulation in the U.S. gives affiliates a chance to focus on figuring out which marketing strategies they will use to succeed in the regulated market.

Social media is growing in prevalence as a marketing tool in the U.S. Affiliates can show up for the dance early by figuring out their Facebook marketing approach for their business.

Email marketing is also a crucial tool for grabbing players’ attention. There’s no reason you can’t get started on building an email list now of players who are interested in hearing when legal U.S. online gaming is available to them.