Understanding the AFL Sports Betting Demographics

Australia rules football is a sport as rugged and unique as the Australian people themselves. The fast paced game is part rugby, part soccer and all action.

While there’s a number of amateur leagues down under, the Australian Football League (AFL) is the only completely professional AFL operation in the country.

If you’re looking to get your toes in the lucrative Aussie gaming market, a sportsbetting affiliate with and emphasis on the AFL is a great place to get started. Before you get too far along, you need to know the basics of AFL sports betting demographics.

AFL Demographics

The AFL enjoys huge television audiences in Australia and completely dominate football coverage on media outlets across the continent. It’s not only the most watched and attended football league in the country, AFL viewership is nearly triple that of its closest football rival. That said, cricket is still the most watched sport in the country.

Webmasters should note that AFL action is seasonal with most matches taking place during Australia’s fall and winter months (March to August). During that time media coverage and fantasy football is at a fever pitch.

Not surprisingly, AFL bettors and viewers fit a model that’s familiar across the globe. According to a study for Digital Strategy Consulting, 62% of AFL viewers are men; 38% come from Australia’s top income brackets; and the bulk of them are between ages 35-49.

Purely Australian

While there may be pockets of AFL interest off Australia’s shores, it’s primarily an Aussie-exclusive. Currently there are only two American players in the entire league and only about 10 percent of active players are Aboriginal Australians.

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AFL Friendly Sportsbook Affiliates

Despite the huge popularity of the AFL down under, not ever sportsbook takes action on these matches. Here are a few affiliate programs that have an AFL connection.

888 Affiliates – This program offers CAP readers an extra $500 for the first five approved players in their casino programs and offer AFL wagering on the Sport888.com/au. 888 offers generous player bonuses and have a good reputation in the industry.

Boyle Sports – Sign up with Boyle Sports through CAP and receive a 40% revenue share for your first three months as a partner and 30% thereafter. Players can get an initial matching bet of £/€20 on their first £/€10. Boyle is one of Ireland’s best known sports betting outfits and offer country managers for their affiliate partners. Players can wager on AFL matches through their sites.

SIA Affiliates – SIA offers CAP partners an extra $250 in cash when they bring in five players. Their standard revenue share currently stands at 25%. SIA has developed a very good reputation over their 15 years of operation and are CAP approved. AFL bettors can enjoy a 100% bonus up to $125 on their initial deposit.

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