A pair of recent reports on the Australian gaming market provide a treasure trove of demographic information for affiliates who are looking to crack this growing market. The Australian Gambling Commision’s (ACC) Survey Data on Gambling Participation and Dr. Sally Gainsbury’s Emerging Trends in Online Sports Betting in Australia are both very readable and very informative for affiliates.

Gambling in the Land of Oz

The Australian obsession with gambling is something of a national joke, but the numbers bear out a very fruitful market. According to Gainsbury’s report, Australians spent around A$968 million  gambling online in 2010 and they’re currently ranked as the 13th largest online gaming market. She estimates that around one third of that money was spent at poker site. But the real Aussie passion is for sports betting.

Gainsbury estimates that Australian punters ponied up $611 million on online sports betting in 2011. That’s up 230% from that same period in 2006. And that’s just the money that’s spent on Australian sports sites. Millions more is likely being deposited in offshore sportsbooks.

What Do Aussie Gamblers Look Like?

While Gainsbury’s report covers industry statistics, the ACC report gives a solid demographic overview of Australian online gamblers. So what do Aussie internet gamblers look like?

    • 95% of them are male (big surprise).
    • 67% are married or sharing a home with a significant other.
    • Almost three quarters of them have placed a bet online.
    • 65% have a full time job.
    • While only 16% all Aussie punters earn more than $150,000 a year, online bettors are far more likely to fall into that high earning level.
    • And if you’re looking for the peak time to catch an Australian gambling online, that would be between the hours of 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Problem Gamers

No ethical affiliate would ever consider marketing that was directed specifically towards problem gamblers. That’s why it’s good to know exactly what these troubled folks look like. The ACC report contains a tremendous amount of information on the average Aussie gambling addict and it’s well worth reading.

Moving Forward

The Land Down Under has always been a wild, but tolerant, place where the stigma associated with online gambling is not particularly severe. This mindset is fertile ground for affiliates who are willing to do a little homework to find out exactly what makes the Aussie gambler tick. If you’re looking to break into this emerging iGaming market, Survey Data on Gambling Participation and Emerging Trends in Online Sports Betting in Australia should be on your reading list.

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