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Understanding Complementary Niches

iGaming affiliates are often speculating on their potential for marketing a different gambling niche to their existing players. Are you a casino affiliate looking to get into poker? A scratch card affiliate looking to get into bingo? It’s important to understand which niches compliment each other.

Here are the different complimentary niches that players can be somewhat easily converted between:

Poker and Sports-Betting

There’s a reason every poker room in the US has several large televisions placed around the room: poker players love watching sporting events. And as an extension of their interest in sports and gambling, they love wagering on the outcomes of these sporting events. This is a demographic phenomenon. Poker players tend to be young, male, risk-taking with male-dominated interests like beer, sports and women. The gap between poker and betting on sports does not require a long bridge.

Some operators, like bet365, have realized the crossover appeal between poker and sports-betting and have profited from making it easy on customers to do both from a single account.

Bingo and Slot Machines

The key to getting casino players into bingo, and visa-versa, is through slot-machines. Again, converting bingo players to casino is largely a matter of demographics. Bingo players tend to be female, middle-aged, interested in relaxation and fun without facing any major decisions or making a stressful wager. Incidentally, this is precisely the type of demographic that is engaged with slot machines. Affiliates can monetize their bingo traffic by introducing slot machine promotions to players.

Forex and Binary Options Trading

These two niches are so closely related that some affiliate programs, like ReferPartners, make available to affiliates forex and binary options platforms to promote. Converting binary options players to forex, and visa-versa, is one of the easiest cross-promotional agendas in iGaming that any forex or binary options affiliate would be making a mistake to pass up on promoting the other.

Scratch Card and Lotto

There are a few different forms of online lottery. Two of the most popular are lottery sites that sell tickets to major jackpot drawings from around the world and scratch card vendors. While one is able to make a slight differentiation between scratch card demographics and jackpot lotto players, both groups have an interest in what is essentially the same form of iGaming. Encouraging lotto players to try scratch cards, and visa-versa, is not such a tall order. Gas stations and convenience stores have been aware of this for decades.