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How To Convert Binary Options Users to Forex Users

Affiliates who have capitalized on sending users to binary options platforms probably feel the potential that exists for marketing forex to their users. Similar to how it can be easy for poker affiliates to upsell to sportsbook, binary options trading readily lends itself to conversions into the multi-billion dollar forex market.

But how best can affiliates convert binary options users to forex?

Make It Easy

Think about the nature of binary options. It’s very straight-forward. You either win or you don’t. Who can’t understand that?

So you already know something valuable about your binary options traders: they gravitate towards gambles that are easy to understand. Binary options are popular because they allow you some exposure to financial markets without requiring one to balance a complicated range of understanding. You need only to understand that you like a certain prediction. Then just wait to find out if it won.

Use this knowledge of your binary options users to convert them into forex. Help your binary options users see how forex is straight-forward and easy to understand. This can be achieved with web guides and testimonials that break down the complicated forex game into a few easy-to-understand approaches.

Forex can seem very complicated to an outsider. It’s your job as an affiliate to help your readers see why it isn’t.

Demo Dealings

When trying to cross-sell casino players to poker or sports-betting, its wisest to hold their hands and make it easy on them. Converting binary options users to forex is no different.

While binary options and forex could be considered cousins in the world of making money online, they’re still completely different. You can’t expect binary options users to convert to forex in a snap just because you put a banner ad on your site.

The best tool offered by forex programs is their demo-mode. Most people are not going to risk real-money on something they possess zero understanding of. Demo programs are the bridge between knowing nothing about forex and risking money on it.

A quick look at the top of a Google search for “forex demo” should tell you all you need to know about this method as a conversion strategy. Forex sites promote their demo versions in paid ads due to the successful conversion rate into real-money users.

Forex Binary Options Programs

Due to the highly-volatile nature of forex trading, many users wishing to gain exposure to currency markets do so via binary options. Forex binary options allow users to place options on their favored currency pair in a controlled environment. Promoting these platforms can be a great way to wean binary options users into the forex game.

The ReferPartners brand optionsFair offers forex binary options. Leading binary options broker 24option also offers forex pairings in their binary options market where users can receive up to 89% on every trade.