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How Do I Convert My Bingo Players Into Casino Players?

Affiliates are often wondering how to cross-promote players from one niche to another. “How do I upsell to sportsbook my casino players?” “How can I cross-sell casino players on poker?” Being able to promote across niches can prove lucrative but isn’t always easy either.
Here are some thoughts for bingo affiliates on how to get their players converting to online casino brands:
Focus on Slots
Slots and bingo tend to be tightly linked. Some bingo sites even have slot machines like what you would find at an online casino. Demographically, slots correlate closely to the type of action bingo players look for.
Think about some commonalities between bingo players and slot-machine players. Both games offer a chance at a windfall payday for a small upfront risk. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of intellectual strength needed to participate in either form of gaming. Both bingo and slot-machines offer fun and excitement without the stress of decision-making.
Slot-machines can be viewed as the gateway game to get bingo players excited about other casino game offerings.
Know Your Customer
It’s Marketing 101 to understand everything you can about the target of your advertising. Before trying to promote casino games online, get to know your target audience.
Online bingo players can be characterized as predominantly female and usually middle-aged. Understanding that your target customer is likely to be female will help set you down the right path for promoting casino games. For example, images of hot women in bikinis might help drive conversions to an online poker room, but isn’t likely to do much to fire-up an online bingo player into trying a roulette wheel. Be logical about what marketing schemes will work for your demographic.
Make It Easy On Them
Anytime you’re trying to stretch your luck in a marketing campaign by cross-selling to casino, it’s important to be aware that you may have to “hold your customer’s hand” so to speak in leading them to the preferred destination. You need to give them a reason beyond a mere banner ad for why they should try a casino game.
Think about some of the mechanisms that can help convert bingo players to casino games. Here are some brainstormed ideas:

  • set up a “free slot play” promotion with an affiliate manager
  • work with a software engineer to design an online slot machine of your own to put on your site
  • create a poll on your site asking your players if they would be interested, in theory, in a slot machine promotion

What are some more ideas you can brainstorm?
Stay Subtle
Finally, remember that it’s important to strike a sane balance when cross-promoting iGaming variants. Don’t try to turn your bingo site into a slot-machine site overnight. Your players will not appreciate being bombarded too aggressively with your attempts to turn them into casino players, so keep a smart approach. Think of these conversion efforts like a dating game: you want to slowly win them over rather than propose your hand in marriage right away.