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Ultimate Player Incentive from Ladbrokes: Free Money

June 8, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Ladbrokes, the leading U.K.-based bookmaker and online casino, is entering the final month of its TV-promoted player bonus. The company is currently offering £25 in free chips to all new players who sign up at its Internet casino website.

The prize is a no deposit bonus, meaning players don’t have to give over any financial details or spend any money at all to receive the £25. This is a great incentive for affiliates who want to attract new players who are interested in gambling online, but who may be reluctant to take that first step and actually wager their own cash. It’s an ideal marketing tool to appeal to players in the best possible language: Free money!

Ladbrokes is a Microgaming-powered site, not open to U.S. players. For more news on this promotion, please click here.