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Successfully Marketing Internet Bingo

June 8, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — The online bingo industry may not be as large or as well-established as the online casino or poker industries, but it’s made amazing progress in the last few years to become a very lucrative source of affiliate marketing revenue.

But the target market for online bingo isn’t exactly the same as it is for the rest of the online gaming world. And that’s part of the reason why it’s grown so much — it appeals to a demographic that isn’t being spoken to in other verticals. However, that same fact also presents strategic difficulties for affiliate marketers whose sites are oriented towards the more traditional gamer.  

The average online bingo player is female, age 18-40, writes Income Access’ CT Moore in a recent interview with’s Senior Acquisition Manager, Shek Pandeya, as published at That means that successfully marketing a bingo portal requires a slightly different approach, including an emphasis on social media.  

“Personally, social media plays a big part within our marketing strategy,” says Pandeya. “With all brands moving to social media we certainly need to make the most of it before the consumer gets bored of it and moves onto another channel.

“Within our strategy we see two uses for social media: first, for the customers who are loyal to the brand and would like to closely follow any new promotions, presenters and other fellow punters; and second, for our affiliates who will be able to stay updated with any new offerings and happenings within the company.”

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