UK gambling regulators put Genesis Global’s license on ice

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is, seemingly, fighting back against accusations that it is a “toothless” organization by suspending Genesis Global’s UK gambling license. The action, which was announced Monday and is effective immediately, impacts at least a dozen gaming sites associated with the global brand. It’s a big move thatcould cause big problems for Genesis Global’s UK presence.

The announcement regarding the suspension was made in an official statement from the UKGC that was long on legalese and short on details. “We suspect that Genesis Global Limited has breached a condition of the licence (section 116(2)(a) of the Act)) and is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities (section 116(2)(c)(i)) of the Act). We therefore consider it appropriate to suspend the licence with immediate effect pending the conclusion of the review,” it read.

So what exactly does that mean? According to an article on, Section 116(2)(a) states, “The Commission may review any matter connected with the provision of facilities for gambling as authorised by an operating licence if the Commission has reason to suspect that activities may have been carried on in purported reliance on the licence but not in accordance with a condition of the licence.”

What that means for the big picture is anybody’s guess. What it means in the short term is that the following sites will be off limits to UK players;,,,,,,,,,, and The suspension will conclude when the investigation ends and, with any luck, all 12 sites will be back in business at that time.