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Top SEO Stories of 2012

It’s been one helluva year for the SEO world. In between all of the (endless) Panda updates, the introduction of Google Penguin and the end of link networks (just to name a few), there’s been no shortage of fresh SEO content for the CAP audience.

Read on for the most read, most commented on and most controversial SEO posts we’ve delivered to you in 2012.

Introduction to Google Penguin: When Google Penguin was released in April, no one knew what to make of it. Another black and white animal used to describe a brand new algorithm update? Here’s what we made of Penguin when it first launched.

Link Building Steps, Post-Panda: The unexpected Google Penguin update has caught a lot of iGaming affiliates by surprise. Here’s how you can continue link building to expand your affiliate business, Post Penguin.

The Truth About Google’s Content Penalty: Google’s duplicate content penalty was widely misunderstood. That’s probably because it doesn’t really penalize duplicate content.

Spanish SEO Tips for the iGaming Crowd: There’s more to Spanish than your dictionary will tell you. Learn the three golden rules of Spanish SEO that any affiliate should know to run a successful website.

Neil Patel’s SEO Tips: Getting your page ranking in those coveted above the fold space is critical for capturing eyeballs and revenue, as explained by Neil Patel.

[VIDEO] Dave Snyder Shares His No-Nonsense SEO Tips: Famed link marketer Dave Snyder talks Casino SEO, why technical SEO is on its way out and the importance of a mixed strategy in this video interview.

Worst Black Hat SEO Techniques: Black hat SEO game is all about risk management. Here’s a list of the techniques that are most likely to get you in trouble.