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Top Poker Tracking Apps for Android

Poker Apps That Are Great On Android

Even poker players can use a little help every now and then. There are some handy apps for Android mobile devices out there that be of some great assistance and might even improve your poker game for all levels of players.

1) Poker Agent

Here’s an app that has everything a poker player could possibly want to get more information and guidance with every hand.  This app has some really unique user interface elements and tools like:  Session tracking and reporting, player tracking, player and session notes and a break timer.

There are some additional features that players will find useful including: Flop and turn equity calculations, international currency support and tournament support.  Players will find more features once they see everything this outstanding app has to offer.

2) Donkey Tracker

This is a great heads up poker tracking app for live poker and it’s loaded with all the features any poker player can use.  The main features of this app are that it displays VPIP (voluntarily put money in %) and PFR (pre flop raise %) along with a hand count.

Players will be able to see all the basic stats in a game and the user interface is easy to use with three button clicks per hand.   This app will surely make you a better player and make your games more intuitive and informative as you play along.

3) Poker Session Logger

This is a more simplified live poker app for players that just offers a few limited features but does each one really well and complete.  If you’re poker player and just want a bankroll tracker/poker log that will effectively continue to log the results of each poker session, then this is for you.  It also does a few other things like: Find poker rooms, request poker room listing, results, editing and tracks tournaments and cash sessions.  You can also import and export data, which is a nice added feature.

4) Poker Income

A well known a popular app that is loaded with tons of features fit for any level of poker player who takes it seriously.  This fully customizable app tracks all aspects of cash games and gives players all the details including:  Game format, stake, location, time, profit, notes, poker logs, and bankroll and withdrawal management.

The app enables players to find the most profitable games, opponents including times and locations.  Poker Income is a really robust system that is one of the best poker trackers for Android.

5) Poker Track Pro 6.8

If you’re a poker player that likes lots of analysis, charts and graphs, then this poker-tracking app is right for you.  The displays and reports are complete and comprehensive and include everything like recording games, build in timers, reports on multiple categories; you can import poker journal stats, income stats, odds calculator and you can even track your friends games in real time.  You can even record detailed information on every person at the table.

6) Poker Notes Live

This app provides a simple, hi-tech way to record and save notes on your opponents while playing live poker. Its straightforward, intuitive interface makes use of icons, customizable tags, and pre-set player classification parameters to enhance note-taking speed and efficiency.

You can record your win/loss, buy-ins, and tips given, as well as email notes to your PC for further analysis. Optimized for both smartphones and tablets, this app is stocked with social features and available in multiple languages.