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Changing Your Offer Without Changing Your Casino

Casino Promotions
Find New Ways To Offer More To Your Players

You may have been promoting a casino for awhile now but with the new year, you need to turn things up a bit and develop some creative ideas and offers to shake things around and keep up with the market. Right?

You’ll want to do this cleverly, so you don’t make significant changes to your casino marketing that might turn out to begin alienating your existing prospects.  Here are a few ideas on how to come up with some new promotional angles that will continue to convert players without going to a great effort or making fundamental changes.

Contact Your Affiliate Manager

One of the best ways to get some new ideas going or some offers is to contact your affiliate manager and discuss with them if they have any upcoming promotions or even a schedule that you can get hold of.  Even suggest a promotional offer.

Lots of online casinos will have a marketing manager or promotions person that will work with the affiliate manager and provide a casino(s) schedule for the year or even the next couple of months.

Once they give you some indication of the new promotions offered, try and see if they can tailor an “exclusive offer” just for your brand.  That way you can still use the same casino but come up with a hot new bonus offer, contest, jackpot announcement or tournaments.  Contact you affiliate manager and start “brain storming” on how you can update or change your customized offers.

Update Your Creative

Here’s a chance to spice up the way you communicate to your players.  Now that 2013 is underway, break out the calendar and start looking at all the holidays and events going on this year.  For example, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so why not create a special and themed newsletter with some fresh offers that are valid up until Valentine’s Day.   Tie it in with the casino you are promoting and see if the casino will create a tournament with a big cash prize.

Then you can add that information to your sites, coordinate a landing page with the casino and time it with selected delivery dates for you newsletter mail outs.  Always plan ahead, so that once your promotion is finished, your working on the next one.

Regionalize Your Offers

Another great way is to try and appeal to more players with regional promotions or even languages.  Find our where a lot of your players are coming from and then dig deeper into that market.

If you find that you get lots of players from Italy/Spain for example, then try and geo target those markets with regional campaigns.  Make sure your communications are in the correct languages, then wrap your creative around special sporting or calendar events in that area.

If there is a special concert event or festival, make sure you find out the details and offer something during that event.  It’s always best to customize your offers for the countries or regions your players are coming from, and they will respond to your offers better if they have something they can relate to and in their language.

New Casino Games

One thing casinos always come out with is new games in order to stay competitive.  Chances are your casino licenses their software from a provider.  That provider usually comes out with new games, software, mobile or has a schedule of when those new games will be launched.

When a new game is launched on the casino network, make sure you are one of the first to have a complete review up and images of the new game.  Then send out a newsletter to your players announcing that the game is live and give them a special offer to try it out.  If there is any thing really special about the new game, like a mobile version of it, then make sure you promote that as well.