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Thanksgiving, Black Friday Tips for Casino Affiliates

For casino affiliates, Thanksgiving can be a tough time for making ends meet. Between family obligations; budget constraints; and that dreaded Black Friday shopping, plenty of players wind up taking some time off.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re willing to target your content and marketing efforts, Thanksgiving weekend can be a great time for converting new players, or just invigorating your current players.

Thanksgiving = TV Sports

TV sports are a huge part of the holidays in many households, so why not add sports betting into the equation? After all, there’s only one college and three NFL games on Thanksgiving Thursday.

There’s no reason savvy sportsbook affiliates couldn’t promote a Thanksgiving NFL parlay or game picking contests centered on that one day. Plenty of families keep the games on all day and with no competition, your players won’t have a lot of other sports betting options.

Go Mobile on Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers are as much as 67% female. Online gamblers, on the other hand, are predominantly male. See the disconnect here? If you’re feeling creative, Black Friday could be the perfect time to convert existing desktop players into brand new mobile players.

Don’t be afraid to send out mobile-targeted e-mails with descriptions like, “Stuck at the Mall?” or, “Attention Black Friday Gamblers!” This is your chance to really embrace mobile marketing, and to do it correctly.

Make certain your landing pages are truly mobile friendly for this kind of promotion. That means depositing and signing up needs to be as simple as possible.

Picture yourself sitting in a food court, acting on an impulse to bet on one the 13 different Black Friday college football games. If you’d want a streamlined registration process, chances are your players will, too.

Thanksgiving Affiliate Promotions

Thanksgiving promotions naturally target American players, so your choices are a bit limited. Still, there are a few good affiliate programs that work with US facing players.

BetAmerica.comThese guys take most American players, but won’t work with Canadians. (Hey, they had Thanksgiving in October anyways!). They offer players $150 sign up bonus and a $50 CPA for each new player you bring on.

WagerwebFor affiliates, Wagerweb offers between 30%-35% revenue share. Your players can take advantage of a unique sliding scale on deposit and reload bonuses.

Are you planning any Thanksgiving promotions? Share your ideas in the comments section below.