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Nevada Gaming License Update: Hard Rock Casino Applies

Hard Rock Vegas
Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Is Ready To Play Poker Online

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, one of the popular destinations and big brand names on the Vegas strip, has submitted its request for a formal application to become an online poker operator on Nevada.
This is an obvious progression for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino brand, which is owned by Brookfield Real Estate Financial (BREF). The Hard Rock will also have to eventually settle on an online poker software provider, and is currently in negotiations with technology partners.
Switch Communications Group and hotel-casino Treasure Island have also recently been added to the many applicants applying for licenses in Nevada.
Like the other applicants, the Hard Rock is required to pay a $500,000 application fee, as well as additional investigation fees.The investigation also requires and that the FBI does a search of your past activities and confirms if you do or don’t have any criminal offenses.
Applicants must be able to prove Internal controls, crime prevention, access to records, established house rules, registration of authorized players, maintain interactive gaming accounts, cash reserve requirements, progressive payoff schedules, provide information on the company web site and adhere to specific advertising practices.