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Start Thinking of Your Website Like a Search Engine

Right after Facebook, the most visited websites on the internet are search engines, whereby search engines, we actually mean Google. And Google’s popularity isn’t in any way accidental. For years, they have constantly improved their service to provide the best user experience possible. The fact that Google delivers quality content for anyone who uses their search feature is exactly the reason behind their success.

But why do we even tell you this story? Well, if you want to learn how to build a quality and user-friendly casino affiliate website then you can get a lot of insights by looking at how Google works and the principles they use…so you can use them too.

Good and Optimized Structure is the Starting Point

The first fact about Google is that it works fast. For any query, the results will be delivered in less than half a second. Here’s an example search for “online gaming”:

Therefore, the primary lesson here: Make your site fast and optimized.

Thankfully, this isn’t that difficult in this day and age. What you need is a good hosting account (like these US-optimized possibilities), WordPress, and some nice themes.

(If you need some assistance with your site setup then feel free to check this article out: how to launch a site on WordPress.)

Publish Only Relevant Content

Even though Google serves millions of people across the globe, they somehow manage to provide relevant content (results) for everyone.

This does sound silly, but there’s a serious lesson in it; if you want to succeed, you need to analyze what it is that your audience wants and then serve it to them. If you miss the point, the visitor will leave.

Implement a Good Site Search Feature

People using the web fall under one of two groups. They are either searchers or browsers.

Searches don’t care about your website as a whole, they just need a specific piece of content. To serve them well, you need a good site search feature with a search field in a prominent place.

This can be handled by a plugin like Relevanssi.

Implement Good Navigation

Whereas search was for searchers (obvious), navigation is for browsers.

Browsers pay close attention to the structure of your site and prefer to go through the various sections of your website to eventually get to the part they are really interested in.

It’s for this group that you need to build clear menus and place them in a visible place.

Is your website built like a search engine yet?

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