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Why Works for iGaming Affiliates

It’s safe to say that there’s a myriad of social media platforms available online. And while a handful of them is the “success group,” others are way smaller and cater to much narrower audiences.

One of the services that’s worth taking a look at right now is Although it’s gotten some bad press recently, it’s still an interesting marketplace to be in as an online gambling affiliate.

Here are some of the things you can do with

Use the Platform Actively

If you already have a following online – an existing audience interacting with your site – then you can create an account and encourage your audience to join you there and ask questions online related to iGaming.

That way you can build your expertise, and every once in a while mention a promotion or offer that the people browsing your profile might enjoy.

The key here is to make it an event of sorts. Meaning that you’re not available on all the time, but only announce your presence through a tweet or a blog post. This creates some scarcity and anticipation if you have a good relationship with your audience already.

No Clutter

Speaking of tweets and Twitter, there’s one very big advantage that has over Twitter; the actual page where your visitors ask questions and you answer them is very clear and free of clutter. This is a big improvement compared to a standard Twitter stream where a thousand things are all happening at once.

Forum Alternative

SEO discussion forums have been with us for years and everyone is quite used to the way they operate. In short, forums are great for building your position in any given niche and for starting some relationships with the members of that niche.

However, you can’t always post what you want to post because you can get easily banned. No such problem with as you are the person in charge of your profile. If you manage to convince people to join you in a discussion, you don’t have to be afraid to use an affiliate link here and there.

You Get Ultra Engaged Visitors

If someone has decided to go to and interact with you then they are clearly ultra engaged in the topic of online gaming and have some pressing issues that need solutions. Helping them out is how you grow and expand your business.

Use Standard Ads

Like many social media platforms, too offers a set of advertising possibilities that you can use in a very obvious way as part of your marketing.

What you get on are sponsored questions, and banner ads.

The former are about sending sponsored questions via email to users along with a banner that sends them over to your offer.

The latter are standard display ads that can appear on every page within

These are just some ideas of what affiliates can do with We encourage you to give it a shot and also share your own methods and tactics.