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SEO for Affiliates: Got A Question for Google?

Being an affiliate is not as easy as many think it is, especially for those that focus on Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to their sites. This requires not only a comprehensive understanding of SEO, but also the ability to create and publish content to the highest possible standards.  And all of this needs to be done in line with Google’s ever-changing requirements and ranking criteria. 

As you progress on your affiliate entrepreneurial journey, you’ll quickly learn that no question is too stupid. However, knowing who to ask is sometimes challenging. Ideally, you’ll want to ask someone at Google – but this is much easier said than done with the search giant a closed shop when it comes to providing individual guidance and support.  

That being said, Google Search Central acts as a place where you can put your questions to the experts as well as find answers to common questions asked.   

What Is Google Search Central?  

You might already have heard of Google Search Central in the form of its previous name: Webmasters. In short, Search Central is Google’s hub for all things SEO; the aim of the content is to help you create a better website that provides an excellent user experience.  

On the Google Search Central website, you will find a broad range of resources to help you produce a website that performs better in search engine rankings. What’s more, you can customize your answers to find out exactly what Google thinks you should do.  

Perhaps the coolest Google Search Central feature, however, is on YouTube. Every week, the channel publishes an “SEO Office Hours” video in which an expert at the company will answer a selection of questions submitted by you and other users.  

The Google Search Central YouTube channel also has several other resources that will assist you in enhancing the functionality of your affiliate website.  

One thing worth noting is that everybody has access to the sessions held on YouTube, even if they didn’t submit a particular question. So, you can sift through previous weeks and check out more useful advice that you might find valuable for creating and managing your website.  

Why Is Google Search Central Helpful? 

While you can do as much online research as you want, the people who ultimately know Google best are its employees. Getting their opinions and tips on specific questions you have is a much better route than spending endless hours sifting through the internet for resources that might a) not be helpful, and b) could be outdated.  

Another benefit of Google Search Central is that you can receive advice that is specific to your website. On the main Search Central site, you can choose, for example, whether your site has several languages and the coding language it uses. On top of these, you’ll get a couple of extra boxes to tick and customize things further.  

Another upside to using Google Search Central is that you can receive specific help in your native language. In addition to English, the website supports Spanish, Polish and German – plus many more. 

How to Take Part in Google Search Central  

Taking part in Google Search Central is easier than you think. First and foremost, you’ll have to determine which SEO Office Hours session you’d like to attend. You have plenty to choose from, including:  

  • English; 
  • Japanese; 
  • German;  
  • JavaScript; 
  • Other topics not mentioned above.  

You can look at Google’s Event Calendar or the YouTube channel’s Community section to find the next suitable event for you.  

When the session goes live, Google will post the meeting link for you to join. You’ll find this in the Community section on YouTube; click on the link and join the call. Once you’re in, you can ask the questions you want.  

Google has made it very clear, however, that you should not ask why your individual site isn’t ranking – nor should you ask for insider information about the company’s future changes.  

You can find more details about how to join Office Hours here if you’re unclear about anything.  

Google Search Central Is an Excellent Way to Get the SEO Questions You Have Answered  

Mastering SEO is difficult, but Google has plenty of resources to help you out. While you might feel like you’re sometimes fighting against the algorithm, the company is on your side and wants your website to succeed.  

If you want to gather specific information for questions you’d like to ask, Google Search Central – and its SEO Office Hours – are excellent starting points.  

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