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Search Is Not Dead

The search market is massive, but mostly the same as it was a year ago. That’s the conclusion of the July 2013 comScore report. In short, Google still rules and everyone else is playing catch-up.

According to the report, Google logged in just over 67% of the total search market in the US. That’s up just about a point over their score last year at this time – which clocked in at around 66% of the market.

Bing, the Microsoft backed search engine that’s gunning desperately for Google, saw a little good news for their efforts. Last month they saw their cut of the market rise by 2%. They’re now firmly in control of almost 18% of the total US search market.

Though a 2% jump is nice, it seems pretty small given the massive amounts of advertising for Bing, Microsoft has been airing in the US over the last year.

Yahoo!, Bing’s partner/competitor, saw their share of the market slip by about a tenth of a point. Though that’s a pretty small number, the company has high hopes that newish Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer will put them back on top of the industry they once dominated.

comScore doesn’t break out a mobile category when calculating its numbers.

In short, the new report suggests that search is alive and well, and something that should still be at the core of any web marketing strategy.

Do you think there’s anything that can bring down Google’s massive market share in the search business? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.