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Russian Internet Gaming Trends

The world of Russian iGaming has always been interesting, especially for those of you who are involved in any kind of business there. Russian audience enjoys quite a wide range of different casino and gambling games, but the trends are not always the same.

This is why we’ve decided to publish this quick article to talk about what’s going on in Russian iGaming these days. What’s hot and what’s not.

The Big Difference

First of all, we have to remember that Russian internet is different than ours (in the US). For example, one of the biggest differences is that the most popular search engine isn’t Google, it’s

Google controls about 35% of the whole search traffic, while Yandex has 62%.

Quick hint. While building your SEO presence on Russian markets don’t spend all of your money on getting your sites Google-friendly… Instead, spend some of it on translating your content to Cyrillic.

But even more importantly, before you decide to join any affiliate program, get familiar with overall trends and statistics.