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Russian Internet Gaming Trends

The Most Popular Discipline in Russian iGaming


Online poker is the most popular kind of iGaming in Russia, and it has been like that for years. But let’s give you some numbers.

Google estimates that 823,000 searches are done every month for the term “poker” in Russian Google. If we take the overall market share of Google into account we can estimate the total number of searches to be at around 2,280,885 a month (Google and Yandex).

Note. This is only a rough estimate, we can’t promise its accuracy.

The numbers create some really big opportunities for experienced affiliates who are ready to invest in expanding their businesses into Russian markets.

However, the overall trends for poker are descending since 2009 (according to Google Trends). It’s difficult to point out the reason for this, but either way, you have to be ready to see your numbers being on a slight decline on an annual basis.