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Russian Internet Gaming Trends

The Second Place Goes To…

Apart from poker there are a handful of other popular iGaming platforms that Russian audience enjoys on a regular basis.

The second place goes to Sportsbook.

While the term is not that popular on Russian Google (only 1600 searches a month), Yandex reports over 350,000 monthly searches.

Basically, Sportsbook is an online betting service. Its popularity is quite understandable due to the recent restrictions of all Russian land-based gaming venues to just four remote zones. Russian audience still likes to do some betting, so they’re simply moving to the online.

One thing that goes almost head to head with Sportsbook is online roulette. While Google indicates around 135,000 searches a month, Yandex reports a number near to 350,000 (similar to Sportsbook).

Roulette has some historical popularity in Russia, so the fact that it’s also popular online shouldn’t be a surprise.

Google Trends doesn’t have much to say about roulette as the information is biased by some sudden spikes in interest due to certain pieces of news.