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Promoting NCAA Basketball All Year (Not Just During the Tournament)

NCAAB is a lot more than March Madness.

NCAA basketball is something most sports bettors, and sports betting affiliates don’t think about much until March Madness begins.

That’s too bad, because NCAA basketball fans some of the most digitally active and engaged fans in all the sporting world.

What’s more,  with over 300 schools playing Division I NCAA Basketball, there’s plenty of room to develop niche markets amongst hardcore fans and gamblers alike. Here are a few tips for promoting NCAA basketball all season long.

Go Social

A recent study on fan engagement by Catalyst Public Relations found that NCAA basketball fans are more likely to use social media than other sports fans, including college football fans. Catalyst’s survey showed that 28% of college b-ball fans use Twitter, compared to the 25% of NCAAF fans and 16% of NFL fans who use it.

Another interesting fact Catalyst uncovered is that prime-time for NCAAB social media is actually after events and not before them. Getting involved in the post-game action on social media can help your site stand out from the crowds of handicappers pushing picks ahead of big events.

Going Deep in the NCAA

Above all else, sports bettors love thinking that they’re in on a good deal. They love reading about games between low-profile schools that fly under the betting public’s radar. Covering these games not gives you in-roads to regular gamblers, it also exposes you to those passionate, small school fan bases.

Small schools are brimming with active fans who constantly feel shortchanged by big media. Including these schools in your weekly picks, and pushing those picks out through Twitter and forums can drive some serious traffic. (You’re also less likely to get banned from a small school forum for promoting content than you are at bigger sports betting site.)

When you’re promoting content to niche groups, be sure and include links to FAQs and plenty of assurances that depositing with your operators is safe and easy.

Tournament Time

Building good will with small school fans and serious bettors sets you up perfectly for the influx of traffic that comes with March Madness. If you’ve developed a rapport with these folks on social media, you can push your own Tournament promotions to them and hit them up for referrals at the same time.


College basketball is a lot more than March Madness, it’s a lucrative, passionate market that goes all season long.

How do you promote NCAA Basketball ahead of Tournament time? Share your tips in the comments section below.