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Ongame Puts Brakes on Ring-Fenced Liquidity Plan

Bwin’s departure from the Ongame poker network has caused the company to put the brakes on their recent ring-fence liquidity plan. The plan was only available to select operators, though exactly which companies participated was never made public.
Though not a lot is known about Ongame’s decision to suspend the program, company CEO Martin Lersby did comment on the subject in an interview with EGR Magazine.
In his comments, he made it clear that Ongame’s decision to pause ring-fenced liquidity was not the end of the program, a program which he says still enjoys wide support from operators:

We have not put the technology on the shelf…Ongoing conversations with new partners in and in particular in the US shows very good support for Ongame’s liquidity solution.

Ongame’s decision to suspend is just the latest in a string of changes to what was once one of the largest poker networks in the world. Late last year the company was sold to Amaya, a Canadian firm. Shortly after the sale, Bwin left the network its parent company once owned.
There’s currently no indication as to when Ongame might reinstate ring-fenced liquidity.
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