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John Pappas Not Impressed with Federal Online Poker Bill

PPA boss John Pappas

A recent draft of a Federal online poker bill isn’t a big hit with the John Pappas, the head Poker Players Alliance (PPA). Pappas aired out his beef in a recent interview with

His main concerns focused on excessive penalties for players who play on international sites (that could end up in online poker scams); a five-year prohibition on companies that violated the 2006 online gaming ban; and, a 15-month blackout period designed to let tribal gaming interests get up to speed.

The draft bill in question has been circulating on the Internet for a couple of weeks, but has yet to be introduced in Congress. Pappas says he was surprised by some of the language in the draft version, but has yet to see a full version of the draft, despite extensive efforts.

“The devil will be in the details, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of that,” he said.

What are your thoughts on the Federal proposals? Does this help or harm online poker legislation?