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Federal Online Poker Bill Draft Released

Reid's bill is far from becoming a law.

A draft Federal online poker bill circulating on the Internet shows exactly how the US Government would like to regulate iGaming.

The Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012 is far from becoming an actual law, but is a must read for anyone planning do poker business in the US. After all, the bill’s sponsors Senators Harry Reid (D) and Jon Kyl (R) of Nevada can’t even agree on whether the bill should be introduced in Congress, or the Senate.

Here are a few of the proposed measures contained in the Bill:

  • The creation of an Office of Online Poker Oversight (OOPO) in Department of Commerce.
  • An opt-in clause for states. In order to have online poker or horse betting states would need majority vote approvals from both their legislative bodies.
  • Indian gaming interests would not be allowed to offer online gaming in states that hadn’t approved it.
  • A 16% tax on gaming revenues.
  • An outright ban on iGaming besides poker.
  • A ban on international player pools.

The bill is packed with nuggets like these that reflect some pretty serious lobbying by large gaming interests.

Despite its big name backers, is unlikely this bill will ever be approved by the US Congress. Lawmakers aren’t eager to be seen promoting gambling and they’re not eager to pick a fight with state governments either.

Do you think the Feds will ever pass online poker legislation? Comment below.