Post Up Way More Casino Blog Posts By Increasing Your Writing Speed

What if we told you it was possible to post up twice as many casino blog postings as your making right now?

Though it might sound far-fetched, there are a few techniques, that just about anyone can learn, that can really help you put the petal to metal (or keyboard in this case) to seriously increase your writing output.

These techniques were the subject of a recent posting on Quicksprout by content guru Neil Patel titled, How to Double Your Writing Speed Without Lowering its Quality and are definitely worth taking a look at. Here are a few that are especially relevant for anyone with a casino blog.

Improve Your Typing Technique

Do you know how to properly place your hands on a keyboard for optimal typing speed? For maximum speed, you want four fingers from each hand touching the middle row of letters.

If you’re like most of us, you either never knew that answer, or have forgotten it since your middle school typing class.

Emphasizing typing basics, including typing without looking at the keyboard, can save you a lot more time than you might imagine. After all, writing is typing and vice versa.

Patel says that anyone who can get their typing speed up to 60 words per minute, is a definite candidate for improved writing speed. (To test your typing speed, head over to Keyhero for a free typing test.)

Keep a Potential Blog Post List

Sometimes, simply coming up with blog ideas is a lot harder than actually writing the blog itself. For that reason, Patel suggests keeping a blog idea file.

This list doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just a simple list you can add to any time the muse speaks to you. While a list like this might sound a little corny today, it will seem like the work of a genius when you’re hurting for ideas.

Cut Down on Distractions

The cruel irony of blog writing is that it take you straight to the heart of the biggest distraction any writer ever faced, the internet.

While avoiding the web entirely while writing may not be possible, there are programs out there that let you temporarily block those sites that most distracting to you. You can also write offline if possible.

Patel also recommends keeping aural distractions to a minimum. While listening to music may relax you, it’s probably not helping your writing speed unless it’s instrumental.


You don’t need to be Neil Patel to know that putting up more high quality posts is a positive for your business. If you can add just one or two of Patel’s suggestions to your daily writing routine, you can really start pumping out high quality posts.