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PokerStars Forms European Players Council

EPC member Xuan Liu

PokerStars is forming a European Players Council (EPC) consisting of some of the top names in the game, according to a recent announcement on their corporate site. The EPC is charged with improving player experience both online and and on the European Poker Tour (EPT).
Players named to the EPC include:

  • Arnaud Mattern – France
  • Luca Pagano – Italy
  • Alex Kravchenko – CIS
  • Eugene Katchalov – North America / Eastern Europe
  • Ana Marquez – Spain
  • Dominik Nitsche – Germany
  • Xuan Liu – North America
  • Martins Adeniya – UK
  • Martin Jacobson – Nordics / Scandinavia

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While the group is heavy on Team PokerStars Pros they’re all high profile players with good reputations in the industry and there’s no reason to doubt their ability to be objective. PokerStars works pretty hard at maintaining its image as a player-friendly site, so the Council’s advice to the company should pack a punch.
The group will be meeting up for the first time in Barcelona in September ahead of the ninth season of the European Poker Tour. They’ll meet again, this time in Monte Carlo, at the end of the tour.
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