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Think Beyond Poker SEO: US Regulation Tip #8

Is SEO dead? That’s what some have been wondering after Google’s Penguin updates shellacked the search-engine rankings of thousands of sites with too many commercial links and keyword targeting. Affiliates preparing to capitalize on the regulated U.S. market may need to look to other means, such as using Facebook as a player acquisition tool, to create iGaming conversions.

Cease Singular SEO Strategy

To the creators of dramatized article titles on the web everywhere, no, SEO is not dead. It will always be a major marketing strategy. However, Google’s latest updates have awoken many to the dangers of relying on SEO as your sole source of traffic.

Affiliates outside the U.S. understand how to acquire success through paid media. While pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is unavailable as a marketing option for gaming affiliates in the U.S., it will become available again in a regulated market. Familiarizing one’s self with Google AdWords could prove to be a valuable educational experience for when the company permits gaming ad purchases again one day. Affiliates targeting UK traffic are already familiar with this powerful PPC marketing tool.

While awaiting regulation of the U.S. market, think about what traditional media and paid media opportunities could exist for you as an affiliate. Buying TV ads, banner ads and space on offline advertising displays is going to be a core strategy for driving business. Now is a good time to invest in building relationships with TV station advertising personnel and other purveyors of advertising space to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about how paid media opportunities could enhance your business.

Facebook Focus

Affiliates should get familiar with Facebook and understand the ins and outs of how to drive traffic through this social media medium. Using Facebook as a player acquisition tool is only going to become more imperative to iGaming marketing success.

Anyone familiar with Zynga’s success in building 30 million-plus users in their Texas Hold’em Facebook app understands the potential value in marketing gaming on the site. With Facebook having 900 million users, a lot of them U.S.-based, it’s clear there is an audience on Facebook for affiliates.

Utilizing Facebook to target the traffic you are looking to acquire is probably the best platform available to affiliates. Understanding how to use Facebook PPC ads as a player acquisition tool will be a cornerstone of the approach taken by affiliates successful in the regulated market. Familiarize yourself with this system now.

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