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Poker Heaven Shutting Down After 10 Years in Business

After nearly a decade in the online poker business Poker Heaven, a Microgaming skin, is shutting its doors for good on November 12.
Poker Heaven officials are blaming over-regulation in the European market for their decision. In a statement posted on the company’s site, a spoksperson said:

After ten years as a trusted European Poker brand that has focused on enhanced player experience and outstanding customer service, due to increased market regulation across Europe and other environmental factors…

Some in the gambling media, including, suggested that the European practice of ring-fencing players was behind the company’s decision to shut down.
Though the loss of Poker Heaven is definitely not good, at least the company seems to be handling its impending end in an appropriate manner.
Players have until November 19 to withdraw funds from their account. Any players who haven’t drained their accounts by then will have to contact the company via e-mail at
Poker Heaven should also be commended for handling the dismantling of its loyalty program in a manner that actually leaves its players with a sense of loyalty. Players stopped accumulating loyalty points back on November 1 and all loyalty accounts have already been paid off.
Affiliates with Poker Heaven connections should also inform their players that tournament tickets from the company expire on November 12 as well.
In a final gesture of goodwill towards its players, Poker Heaven is pointing them towards its designated replacement, BetSafe. BetSafe is ready for an influx of Poker Heaven refugees and has a welcome bonus package designed especially for them.
Poker Heaven’s departure is yet another sign of how competitive the European online poker market has become over the last