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How to Get More Facebook Shares…With Almost No Effort

Harvesting conversions in the social media space is all about building and sustaining momentum. Every social media platform, and especially Facebook, lives and dies by the number of shares their posts generates.

You don’t need to be content marketing guru Neil Patel to know that social posts that don’t get shared may as well not have been posted at all.

If you’ve been looking to boost your Facebook shares,  then you’ll want to take a look at a few of these tips Patel shared in a recent posting titled, Get More Out of Facebook: 12 Effective Tactics to Get More Shares and Likes.

Get Personal – Facebook is a social network, so go ahead and get a little chummy with your followers. Postings should be informal and use the, “you,” form of words as much as possible.

Just Ask – You don’t have to beat around the bush if you want someone to share your post. Studies show that all you have to do is include the phrase, Please Share This Post, and you can get nearly twice as many shares as posts that don’t include those words.

Reduce the Social Clutter – OK, we’ve all tried out a whole bunch of social networks and we only get traffic off a few of them. So go ahead and whittle the number of social share buttons you’ve down to just a couple. A less cluttered site will likely yield more shares anyways.

Don’t Forget e-Mail – Did you know you can a Share on Facebook button to your e-mail newsletter? Just add this line of code:{YOUR%20URL%20HERE};

That’s a simple way of opening a whole new venue for your social shares.

We’re about a decade in the social media experiment and one thing is very clear, if you want to succeed on social media, you need to be proactively seeking out Facebook shares.